Daredevil (Playtech)
Daredevil Game Review by PlayTech - Play Online for Free
Daredevil Slot by PlayTech

Daredevil Slot by Playtech Review

Daredevil by Playtech consists of 5 reels spinning vertically and 20 paylines. The slot pictures are represented by characters from the comics with the same name, weapons and card symbols. Wild and Scatter are both available. A free trial version of Daredevil is available on our website. Maximum winnings with the multiplier of x5,000 are produced by a combination of 5 images of the main character. Besides the traditional winnings, you can catch 10 free spins as well.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Superheroes
Features Freespins, Jackpot
Developer Playtech
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 31
Game Rating

Bonuses of the Daredevil Slot

Besides winnings for combinations formed in the game's regular mode, the Daredevil online slot offers several bonuses that could make gameplay more appealing and bring a lot more rewards. The game is complete with two such options:

  • Free spins. The mode is activated once 3 Scatter symbols or more come up in any part of the game screen. They pay out according to the paytable and award 10 free spins. The key feature of this round is the Radar Sense option, which scans the game window after each spin and randomly turns some symbols (no more than three) into Wilds. As a result, you can get two prizes for one spin — one for a free spin and another for new combinations after the scan. It is possible that three or more Scatters come up during a free spin, which can lead to an extended free mode
  • Bullseye Feature. A special option available only in the game's basic mode. To activate the option, select one of the fifteen fields of the game screen with the cursor of the mouse prior to launching the spins. A transparent gunsight will be fixed at the spot selected. Once the reels are done spinning, if a portrait of a man with a gunsight on his forehead appears on the spot selected, you win 3 times your total bet. The selected position will remain active until you change it


Besides main prizes, the Daredevil slot also gives you an opportunity to hit the Marvel Jackpot. This, however, is available only to players using the full version of the slot machine. The Jackpot round is opened randomly, even if you do not collect any of the combinations in the last spin. The screen will display a different game window of 20 fields. Each one of them hides 1 out of 4 images with the proposed jackpot: Ultimate Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Power. Keep opening the fields until 3 identical pictures are displayed in the screen. Accordingly, on top of the generated combination you will get extra winnings of the size that will be displayed in the right of the screen at all times. 

Daredevil's symbols and multipliers

To win in the Daredevil slot game, you have to catch 2 or more identical symbols on one or more active lines in a row. Their payouts differ and earn you from x2 to x5,000 times your line bet. The most valuable images in the game depict characters from the Daredevil comics. Their multipliers are as follows:

  • The game's main character in the red mask: 5 — х5,000, 4 — х1,000, 3 — х250, 2 — х25
  • The girl: 5 — х1,000; 4 — х300; 3 — х150; 2 — х15
  • The gentleman with a cigar: 5 — х750, 4 — х200, 3 — х75, 2 — х10
  • The man with a gunsight on his forehead: 5 — х500, 4 — х150, 3 — х50, 2 — х5

The least-paying pictures are two types of weapons and card symbols. They are the ones that land on the reels most often and pay out as follows:

  • Nunchakus and Daggers: 5 — х250, 4 — х50, 3 — х25, 2 — х2
  • A and K: 5 — х120, 4 — х30, 3 — х20
  • Q and J: 5 — х100, 4 — х25, 3 — х10
  • 10 and 9: 5 — х75, 4 — х20, 3 — х5

Besides the main pictures, the game also comes with the Scatter symbol looking like "DD". You get 10 free spins when three or more of such pictures land in any part of the game window. What's more, the Scatter has its own multipliers: 2 pictures on reels pay x1 times your line bet, 3 — x3, 4 — x20, 5 — x100. The Wild symbol is the most valuable icon in the slot that represents the main character. Besides its own payouts, it also helps in generating other combinations by replacing the missing pictures on the lines. It combines with all other symbols except for the Scatter.

Controls of the online slot

Each player gets 2,000 virtual credits for free to play Playtech's Daredevil. You can track the amount of credits in a special box in the bottom left corner of the screen. A little higher, just under the spinning reels, is the control panel, where you can change your bets and launch the game. Daredevil displays your total demo balance in credits, yet bets per spin are made in coins. So, the first thing you have to do is to determine the denomination of your virtual coins. You can set up this option by clicking Click To Change in the top left corner of the control panel. You will be able to choose between eight options within 0.01 to 5. Accordingly, you will save on bets substantially by setting that value to lower than 1. If the coin's denomination is more than 1, your bet per spin in credits will increase but the winnings will be more substantial as well. The total bet per single reelspin is displayed in the Total Bet box. Its numeric value is generated by using the following options:

  • Lines — sets the number of lines along which the winning combination is formed. All values from 1 to 20 are available
  • Bet Per Line — determines the bet level in coins per each line. You have 10 options to choose from, whose values change depending on the coin denomination that you select
  • Bet Max — sets the values mentioned above to maximum and makes one single spin

Accordingly, the minimum bet of 1 coin = 1 credit is 20 and the maximum bet is 200. Click Spin to launch the game. While the reels are spinning, this button turns into a Stop button, which stops the spinning instantly. You can also launch Daredevil's reels automatically by clicking the Auto Play button. You can set the desired number of autospins by hitting "+" and "-" buttons displayed above. You can stop the spins by clicking the Stop buttons, which pop up instead of the Spin and Auto Play buttons. After each successful spin of the reels, your winnings will be displayed in the Win box located in the right of the control panel. To view the table of possible combinations, their payouts and the conditions for bonuses, you have to click the Info button in the left of the screen. Two additional options are available in the top right corner of the page:

  • An icon that looks like a loudspeaker, adjusts the volume of the sound effects
  • An icon that looks like a wrench, which lets you configure general settings of the game and the sound effects (the Options item) or open the page containing the slot's detailed description in English (the Help item)


Daredevil is a free slot by Playtech of a superhero genre, where you can try your luck on 5 reels and 20 lines, if you so desire. Combinations are generated with seven thematic pictures and six card symbols. Both Wild and Scatter symbols, as well as the Bullseye Feature, will help you collect more winnings. No risk game is available. Daredevil has medium variance. You can learn more about online casinos here at gambl.com and how best to play for real money the Daredevil game and other online slots.