Cops N' Bandits (Playtech)
Cops N' Bandits - play for free Playtech slot
Cops n Bandits

Cops N' Bandits Slot by Playtech Review

The Cops N' Bandits slot was developed by Playtech. The slot comes with 5 reels and 30 paylines. The highest multiplier for a regular combination is 1,000.

The Wild symbol can stand for any other regular symbol. The Scatter symbol appears on all reels, produces payouts in credits and can start free spins. Another special symbol on the three odd reels launches a bonus game called Line-Up Bonus.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Playtech
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 63
Game Rating

Slot gameplay

Initially, you get 2,000 credits. You are to use them to make bets. You can see the number of your credits on the bottom left of the Balance bar.

Your total bet per spin is displayed in the Total Bet section. It is calculated by multiplying the number of paylines by the line bet. The first value is always 30. The other value can be modified with the Line Bet button. It is under the second reel. Use the -/+ buttons to decrease or increase the line bet. The minimum bet is 0.01 credits and the maximum is 25 credits.

Your win is displayed above the total bet after a winning spin. The winning combination is one that only:

  • Starts on the leftmost reel
  • Is along a payline
  • Consists of symbols that have landed on one or adjacent reels

Click the Spin button to start a spin of the reels. During spins, it is replaced by the Stop button. Clicking it immediately stops all the reels.

If you do not want to click the Start button before each spin, you can initiate a session of spins. At first, you need to move the mouse over the Auto Play button. After that you will see a list of four options. Each of them corresponds to the number of auto-spins. Click one of these buttons to start the Autoplay mode.

Click the Stop blue button to stop the session of spins. Note that you cannot change the bet per spin during the Autoplay mode.

On the bottom right you can see a clock. It shows the Greenwich Mean Time. On the top right you can see two buttons that help you to configure the Cops N' Bandits slot. If you put your mouse over the loudspeaker icon, you will see the volume scale for the background music.

The wrench icon hides two buttons — Options and Help. Click the second one to open the browser window that contains more detailed information about the gameplay of the slot. The Options button opens the settings. There you can turn on/off:

  • Intro of the slot
  • Accelerated mode of reel spins
  • Elements of background sound

Symbols and multipliers in the Cops N' Bandits slot

Clicking the Info button opens the section with the information about symbols, bonuses and paylines on the slot. The Cops N' Bandits online slot has 13 symbols. Three of them are special. For example, the Wild replaces any regular icon. It is marked with the word Wild on a brick wall background.

The Wild also produces payouts in credits for its own combinations. Two Wild symbols allow you to earn 25 times the line bet, three — 250, four — 1,000 and five — 4,000. Сombinations of Wild symbols are formed under the same conditions as regular symbols.

The golden badge icon is the Scatter. It may appear on any reel. Three badges generate you 5 times the total bet, four — 30 and five — 300. What's more, the Scatter symbols trigger free spins.

The Bonus symbol with a silhouette of a bandit lands only on the first, third and fifth reels. If these three symbols appear in the game window, the Line-Up Bonus round starts. You can read about it and free spins in a separate section.

The slot features 10 regular symbols. Five of them are the playing cards. They have the lowest multipliers:

  • Tens and Nines pay 5, 20 and 100 times your line bet
  • Jacks — 5, 15 and 75
  • Queens — 10, 25 and 100
  • Kings — 10, 30 and 120
  • Aces — 15, 30 and 150

The remaining symbols are themed to the search for criminals. Handcuffs and a bag full of money have the multipliers of 30, 50 and 250. Symbols with cops and thieves have 4 multipliers each. This is due to the fact that even two of these symbols can create a winning combination.

The icons with criminals produce you 5, 50, 150, and 500 times the line bet. The multipliers of the cop — 15, 150, 300 and 1,000.

Free spins and Line-Up Bonus

Free spins are triggered after three, four or five badges land. You cannot know the exact number of free spins in advance. If three Scatter symbols appear on the reels, click one of them. Each badge hides a certain number of free spins. The chosen Scatter determines the number of free spins you get.

If four or five badges appear in the game window, chose two of them. The numbers under them are added up and give you the exact number of free spins. You cannot win additional free spins during free spins.

During free spins fixed Wild symbols may appear on the reels. It happens when the cop symbol lands to the left or to the right of the thief symbol. In this case, the thief icon turns into an additional Wild. It keeps its place during all the subsequent free spins. Its functions are the same as of the regular Wild.

Note, that only the icons of thieves can turn into Wild symbols if they appear on the second, third or fourth reels.

After a regular spin, symbols with the silhouette of a criminal can simultaneously land on the second, third or fourth reels. Only in this case, the Line-Up Bonus is triggered. As the bonus game starts, you see six criminals. One of them is the real lawbreaker and the other five are innocent. You need to click the criminals to find the real one as soon as possible.

You can see your initial prize in the Current Reward bar, at the top of the screen. It is 60 times the total bet per spin that triggered the bonus game. You will get this payout if your first guess is correct.

Each wrong guess takes a certain amount from the initial prize. The first false criminal takes 12 times the total bet, second — 10, third — 9, fourth — 5 and fifth — 4. Even if you make an incorrect guess five times, you get a guaranteed prize of 20 times the bet per spin.

The Cops N' Bandits slot attracts new players thanks to special bonuses.