Chase the Cheese (Betsoft)
Chase The Cheese

Chase the Cheese Slot by Betsoft Review

In Chase the Cheese, symbols appear in 16 boxes. You can see them evenly allocated on the four reels of the BetSoft creation. Combinations line up on the nine specially arranged active lines on the slot. You can find here both horizontal and vertical lines.

An active line that has a combo of four logos, starts the bonus game. This is an arcade where you should use the mouse. This additional game has several levels and three chances to make mistakes.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
Developer Betsoft
Lines 9
Reels 5
Games played 13
Game Rating

How to place a bet

You get 1,000 credits for the game. This is the main gaming unit. It is translated into coins, which are to be bet for reel spins. This conversion is based on the value of each coin. It can be seen in the bottom right corner under the words Choose Coin.

Clicking this button changes the value of the coin in credits. There are six different options available to set the value of coins. The minimum value is 0.02 credits and the maximum is 1. You can see your total balance in coins in the bottom left corner of the Credits line. The Balance section is where you can find out the amount of credits in your virtual account.

Win and Bet are two more sections between these two lines. The former displays your prize in coins after the end of a spin. The Bet line shows your total bet per reelspin. It is the result of multiplying the number of active lines with the bet per line.

You can configure both of these options similarly. To increase them, click the relevant buttons. To change the number of active lines, click Select Lines, to adjust your line bet, Bet Per Line. Both buttons are found under the first reel.

By clicking Select Lines, you can add active lines to the game window. The maximum number of lines is 9 and the minimum is 1. Without active lines you can't start the spins. You can see the arrangement of winning lines on the reels as you set their number. You simply need to take a look at the game window and see the lines that are paylines.

Of note is a special arrangement of the active lines. Four of them are the same as the number of horizontal lines on the game screen. Another four lines run vertically, the same as the reels. The ninth line is diagonal from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Note that the single bet cannot be more than five coins. As a result, the maximum total bet is 45 coins. The minimum you can bet for one line is 1 coin. This small sum is also the minimum total bet.

How to make spins

Spins in Chase the Cheese start after you click one of two special buttons. One is Spin and is found under the fourth reel. Clicking it starts one spin with the current bet settings.

To the left of Spin, you can see Max Bet. It performs the same function but changes your total bet automatically to the maximum bet for a spin, which is 45 gaming coins.

Spins can be made in no other way. No other settings are available, either. That's why you can't turn off the sound in the slot. You won't be able to accelerate the spinning of the reels or change the size of the game window, either.

Chase the Cheese symbols and multipliers

Chase the Cheese offers 10 icons. Eight of them are common symbols that only pay out in coins. Another two pictures possess special characteristics. One is a wild. You can see the word "wild" on it and it can replace any symbol of the slot machine.

Another special picture is the logo of the Chase the Cheese slot. The maximum combination of these symbols, triggers a bonus game that you can read about below.

Combinations of standard icons get you different payouts in coins. Some symbols only need two or more to create a winning combination. At the same time, other icons only pay you for the maximum combo of 4.

This only applies to the jackpot symbol. Four pictures of this kind on one active line win you 7,500 times your bet per line in coins. This very picture enables you to get the progressive jackpot but only in the full version of the Chase the Cheese slot game. 

The pay out for two, three or four symbols, is listed below:

  • Cherries (the 1, 2, 3 multiplier)
  • Plum (the 2, 4 and 8 multiplier)
  • Slice of cheese (its combinations earn you 10, 30 or 45 times your bet per line in coins)

Pictures which only win a prize if they land in a combination of three or the maximum four, are described below:

  • Red sevens have the 10 and 20 factor
  • A hat gets 50 or 100 times your bet per line
  • A mouse trap earns the 100 and 200 multiplier
  • A combination of pictures of mice returns 200 or 400 times your bet per line, credited to your account

You can see multipliers for all the symbols while using the slot too. You only need to go to the View Payout section.

Bonus game

As you already know, the bonus game in the Chase the Cheese slot machine is triggered by landing four logos of the slot. However, all of them must occur on one active line. Before additional rounds start, you can see a screen with the rules of the bonus round. After reading them, you can get start to play the bonus game.

It represents a 2D exploration game. Press keyboard keys to move the main hero of the slot, the mouse. The right and left arrows move the mouse in the required direction. Use the up arrow to make the mouse jump. The same function is performed by the space bar.

The main purpose of the character is to collect pieces of cheese all over the in-game world. However, spiders, fake mice, downfalls and cats should be avoided. All these things will cost the player lives, of which you get only three for these rounds.

You achieve the next level only after managing to collect all pieces of cheese in the current round before the time runs out. In the top left corner you can see a timer that shows seconds left for completing the task.

If your time is up or the character dies more than three times, the bonus game finishes. At the same time, points in the top right corner are converted to credits. You get these credits as a result of additional rounds.

Its this special bonus game that makes the Chase the Cheese slot intriguing. However, some users might feel uncomfortable that settings are unavailable.