Batman and the Joker Jewels (Playtech)
Play Online for Free Batman and the Joker Jewels by PlayTech
Batman and the Joker Jewels Slot by PlayTech

Batman and the Joker Jewels Slot by Playtech

Batman and the Joker Jewels is a slot machine with 5 reels and 25 paylines developed by Playtech. Players get a chance to collect combinations with as many as two wild symbols, get free spins and multiplied payouts for scatters. The paid version, however, will include taking part in a race for one of the four progressive Jackpots.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Superheroes
Features Freespins, Jackpot
Developer Playtech
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 689
Game Rating

Bonuses and free spins

The bonus round in Batman and the Joker Jewels is launched by the scatter symbols when they land on the first, third and fifth reels. They do not have to land on one line, as they trigger this bonus just by appearing. You do not get a certain number of free spins in Batman vs The Joker Free Games.

The screen shows the counter with multipliers divided into two halves: Batman's part is on the left and the Joker's part is on the right. After launching the bonus round, you need to choose which side the multiplier x5 will be on. A special wild symbol with the combined logos of Batman and the Joker may land on the third reel and randomly shift the pointer to the multiplier on either the left or right side. Shifting always goes as far as one mark.

Payouts for all combinations are calculated on the basis of the active multiplier, until a new one is selected. Batman vs The Joker Free Games is played out until the pointer reaches The End mark. All free spins use the line bet from the main game. Once the bonus round is over, the accumulated reward is added up and credited to your balance.


The Mystery Progressive Jackpot is available in the full version of Batman and the Joker Jewels available in licensed online casinos. A shared progressive jackpot is used by the entire line of slot machines themed to Batman's adventures. You can activate it during any spins and no additional actions or symbols are necessary.

The DC Super Heroes Jackpot Game round starts in a new window where a field with 20 cells pops up on the screen. Each cell has a ball of a certain colour. The table of available jackpots is located on the right. There are four of them and they are differentiated not only by potential winnings but also by the colour.

  • Grand requires five red balls, which is the biggest jackpot
  • Major requires four yellow balls
  • Minor requires three blue balls
  • Mini requires two green balls

The round continues until the scale of one of the jackpots is filled. Each spin is given a limited period of time, with the timer located under the field with balls. If you do not make a spin, the game opens a random cell. According to the paytable, the higher the bet, the more chances you have to access the DC Super Heroes Jackpot Game.

Symbols and payouts in the Batman and the Joker Jewels slot

Batman and the Joker Jewels provides the opportunity for the players to collect two kinds of wild symbols — one with the Joker logo and one with the Batman logo. By themselves, they can replace any simple symbol on the line, so that a combination can be formed or extended. This feature does not apply to the scatters. For example, if pictures of Robin are on the first and third reels on the tenth line and the second reel shows any of the wilds, then it's counted as a combination of three Robins.

When one kind of wild symbol is on the line starting from the first reel and there are no better-paying combinations present, the pay out in credits will be in accordance with the paytable. The maximum win in the base game is awarded for a combination containing five wild symbols, which is 62,500 credits at the maximum bet per line.

The Scatter symbol, the picture that says "Bonus!", appears only on the first, third and fifth reels. Every time they appear, you get a bonus round in Batman vs The Joker Free Games. The Scatter symbol has no payout multiplier of its own.

Simple symbols in Batman and the Joker Jewels can be tentatively subdivided into four groups according to their multipliers:

  • Bat Boomerang, Belt — 5, 25 or 50
  • Jaw, Pistol — 10, 30 or 75
  • Car, Motorcycle — 15, 45 or 100
  • Symbols with portraits:
    • Robin — 25, 50 or 200
    • Joker — 30, 75 or 300
    • Batman — 5, 50, 100 or 500

Rules of the game

You can set your initial bet in Batman and the Joker Jewels with the +/- buttons in the Total Bet section. This is how your total bet per reel-spin is preset. The 25 paylines in the slot machine are all fixed. The paytable, which opens up by clicking the Info button, will show the way the lines are aligned on the reels.

The panel does not have an info window with a line bet (the Bet window), even though the paytable shows that the amount of payout for any combination depends on the line bet. Calculating is quite simple: your total bet has to be divided by the number of lines. Therefore, with the minimum Total Bet of 0.25, the line bet is equal to 0.01 credits and with the maximum of 625 it will amount to 25 credits.

Inside the paytable you will see two numbers next to each symbol: the violet number — this is the number of symbols required in the combination and the black number — the multiplier. Calculation of your reward is based on the formula: your line bet multiplied by the factor for a combination of symbols. For example, a minimum payout for five wild Joker symbols with a bet of 0.01will be 25 credits and with the maximum bet it will amount to 62,500 credits.

A combination is considered winning when the symbols are aligned on the neighbouring reels of one line. They are counted from the first reel. If one line contains several combinations, then the one with the highest multiplier will pay out. E.g. the first and second reels both have the wild symbol with the Batman logo and the third and the fourth have the Belt. The award will be as if there were four Belt symbols, since their factor is 25, while the multiplier of two wild symbols is 5.

The reel-spin is activated by clicking the Spin button. Once the animation has played, the game will automatically highlight all winning combinations, calculate the payout and display it in the Win window. The duration of reel-spins can be shortened by turning on the Turbo Mode option. It will have no effect whatsoever on gameplay mechanics or on the generation of symbols.

Also, the reels can be spun automatically by clicking the Autoplay button. A menu will appear where you can choose the number of auto-spins — 10, 25, 50 or 99, or you can launch them before hitting the bonus. Reels in the Autoplay mode are stopped by:

  • Clicking the Stop Autoplay button
  • As soon as the preset number of spins is completed
  • If the account runs out of credits
  • If the "Until function" option is selected and a bonus round activated

Both visual and audio effects can be adjusted in the Options menu.