Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes (Playtech)

Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes Slot by Playtech Review

Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes is a 5-reel and 1,024 payline slot by Playtech. The number of paylines is increased to 2,400 in the bonus round. While the reels spin, you'll need to collect Wild symbols and Scatters to get free spins and payout multipliers.

The Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot machine is available in the free demo mode. You can't compete for the jackpot with other players in this mode. However, you can try to win the maximum payout, which is 3,000 credits in virtual game currency.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
THEME Superheroes
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Playtech
Lines 255
Reels 5
Games played 20
Game Rating

Game rules

We recommend that you review the payout table by clicking the Info button before you start playing the Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot. All the payouts, multipliers, bonus conditions and progressive jackpot rules are listed there.

You need to set your wager per spin in the Total Bet section before the first reelspin. The price of spinning the reels varies between 1–5,000 credits. The are no classic paylines in the Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot but there are 1,024 ways to win. Therefore, you can't make a bet on a certain number of lines like in the majority of slots.

A winning pattern is a combination of three or more identical symbols which are located on adjacent reels. At least one of them must be on the first reel. What a combination pays is calculated automatically as soon as it lines up on the reels. The size of the payout is in direct correlation with the total bet. The more you bet, the more you can get in credits.

You can spin the reels in two modes. A single spin is available by clicking the Spin button. A series of automatic spins is launched in the Autoplay menu. Click the button in the drop-down list to choose 5, 10, 20 or 25 spins. The reels will stop in three cases:

  • You cancel the auto-play manually by clicking Stop Autoplay (replaces Autoplay) or Stop (replaces Spin)
  • You run out of credits
  • The set number of spins has ended

In the last scenario, you will be offered to resume the auto-play mode. You will get another series of automatic spins (5, 10, 20 or 25) if you hit Yes and you will go back to the manual mode if you hit No.

You can turn on or off the welcome screen video that plays as the slot loads, as well as the start screen, with the list of key bonuses of the Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot, in the Options section. You can also enable or disable sound effects and adjust the volume there.

The control panel features a Turbo Mode button near Autoplay which controls the spinning speed. This option affects the time between spins rather than gameplay.

Symbols and payouts in the Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot

The Wild symbol in the Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot machine is the Batman. It substitutes for all the symbols except for the Scatter. For example, you've got the Robin symbol on the first and second reel and Batman on the third. The slot counts these symbols as a combo of three Robins. If the Wild symbol is in between two identical symbols, a winning combo is also built. The Ice-Cool In-Reel Feature bonus round introduces a new property for the Wild symbol — it will also be a random x2—x5 multiplier.

The Scatter symbol is the Bonus! caption against the blue background. It earns you a certain number of free spins. It also activates the Batman vs. Mr Freeze Free Games bonus round. The number of winning patterns increases to 2,400, and each combo can pay you up to five times more credits.

The regular symbols in the Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot game are the pictures of Batman's objects and the portraits of the main characters — Batman, Robin and Mr Freeze. The lowest-paying symbols win the following multipliers:

  • The Batarang, belt and chest — 5, 10 and 50
  • Phone and gun — 5, 20 and 75
  • The vehicle and the helicopter — 10, 50 and 100

The portraits pay significantly more — from 25 to 300

Bonus game and free spins

The Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes slot machine offers two types of bonus games. One is activated randomly, the other by landing the Scatters. Each one is described in brief in the Info section.

The Ice-Cool In-Reel Feature has 4 different possible bonuses which can be randomly activated during the main game:

  • Multiplier Wild earns you up to a x5 multiplier for the Wild symbol
  • Win Multiplier applies up to a x10 multiplier to each winning combo
  • Mr Freeze Feature, turns all the symbols around the symbol of Mr Freeze into Mr Freeze
  • Wild Mr Freeze Spins, activates an option of re-spinning the reels until a winning combo occurs. All the Wild symbols remain in their positions until the bonus ends. Wild Mr Freeze Spins can only be triggered by a spin with no winning combination

The second bonus round is the Batman vs. Mr. Freeze Free Games. It is triggered if you collect at least three Scatters anywhere on the reels.

  • Three Scatters win 10 free spins
  • Four Scatters — 12 free spins
  • Five — 15 free spins

The number of ways to win is increased to 2,400 during the bonus round. All the Wilds have the x2–x5 multiplier. However, the multiplier only applies to the combos which have a Wild symbol.

The reels spin automatically. You can't get more free spins. The winnings are summarised at the end of the Batman vs. Mr Freeze Free Games round and transferred to your balance.

Mystery Progressive Jackpots

The full version of Batman and Mr Freeze Fortunes enables each player to race for one of the four progressive jackpots. There is no need to collect special symbols as you can win big with any spin. According to the payout table, the bigger your total bet, the higher your chances of hitting one of the jackpots. If you're lucky to see the Jackpot Games on the reels, you are guaranteed to get one of the four progressive jackpots at the end of the additional round.

You will see a 20-box field in a new window. Your aim is to click the boxes and guess the colour behind them. There are four of them in total:

  • Two green boxes win you the Mini Jackpot
  • Three blue boxes get you the Minor Jackpot
  • Four yellow ones reward you with the Major Jackpot
  • Five red boxes earn you the Grand Jackpot

Right of the field, there is a table which displays the size of each jackpot and also a scale which fills in as you reveal the boxes. You have a certain amount of time to make your choice and you will see a timer under the field. If you don't click on a box, the slot will choose a random one. The round ends when one of the scales in the table becomes full.