Attraction (NetEnt)

Attraction Online Slot by Net-Ent Review

Each Attraction reel shows three symbols. So, ten active lines go across 15 boxes. Basic symbols of the slot by NetEnt are divided into two groups: cards and theme icons. The antenna symbol has the maximum multiplier of 500.

The slot bonus feature means adding Sticky Wilds on the game screen. It happens if a Wild appears on a special magnetic strip. After that a re-spin is activated during which all the Wild symbols remain in place.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Developer NetEnt
Ways to Win 243
Reels 5
Games played 14
Game Rating

Gameplay control

The control panel which is below the game window includes traditional buttons. You can find them in many products by NetEnt and they offer plenty of gameplay features. Unsurprisingly, the game has two units — credits and coins.

You are provided with a starting account in credits. The initial amount is 5,000 units. You can convert this amount into a certain number of coins. To find it out, divide the amount of credits by the value of one coin. You will see the result in the Coins section.

You can see the value of every coin to the left of Coins. You will find the Coin Value selector there. You can set four values — 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 and 0.1. So, the number of coins can be 100, 50, 20 or 10 times more than that of credits.

You should keep this in mind, as you can place the bet per spin in coins only. The Bet section displays the number of coins deducted after starting the spin. The number that you will see in this section is always a multiple of ten. This number is the result of multiplying the number of active lines with a single bet. The number of winning lines is fixed at ten.

You can set a single bet. Use the Level selector to do it. Here you can set any whole number from one to ten. This will be the number of coins that you bet per line, i.e. a single bet.

Please note Max Bet. It automatically bets ten coins per spin and starts spinning the reels.

Spins and gameplay settings

A standard way to start spinning is to click the button with two round arrows. It is in the centre of the bottom control panel. The reels in Attraction stop one after another. The first reel that stops spinning is the leftmost one. As soon as it happens, the button with the arrows becomes active again. If you click it all the other reels will stop immediately.

You don't have to start the spins every time by hitting a certain button. If you do not want to control the process, you can start Auto Play. You should make several steps to start it:

  • Click the green Autoplay or the Auto button in the bottom left corner
  • Set options to stop auto spins (if necessary)
  • Select the number of spins to auto play (mandatory)

Note that you cannot change the bet per spin during the auto play mode. You can stop auto spins by clicking Stop which appears in the window in the bottom left corner. There you will also see the number of auto spins left.

Settings in Attraction are in a special section. You can open it by clicking the spanner icon in the bottom left corner. Here you can:

  • Assign the space bar on your keyboard as the spin start button
  • Adjust the quality of graphics in the slot
  • Turn some game sound effects on or off
  • Enable the Quick Spin option

Symbols and multipliers in Attraction

Attraction has 12 symbols. Two of them are Wild. The standard Wild appears in the main game but only on reels 2, 3 and 4. It substitutes for the slot's basic symbols, which results in winning combinations.

Another Wild is called Sticky Wild. It appears on the edge of the game window between the magnet and a regular Wild, if it gets attracted by the magnet. This symbol is also restricted to substituting for all other pictures.

The ten basic symbols can be divided into two subgroups. One group includes playing cards. These run from a 10 to an Ace. Multipliers for card combinations are the smallest. Multipliers awarded for three or four Jacks and tens are 5 and 15 respectively. However, maximum bet multipliers are different: 30 for a 10 and 40 for the Jack.

The Queen pays you 5, 20 or 50 times your bet per line. The King awards the x8, x20 and x75 multipliers. The Ace awards maximum multipliers in its category — 8, 25 and 100.

The other five basic symbols are devices. They differ in colour and pay you the following:

  • The blue device pays you 8, 40 or 150 times your bet per line
  • The green device awards the x10, 50 and 200 multipliers
  • The yellow gadget awards the x15, 75 and 250 multipliers
  • The pink devices pay you 20, 100 or 300 times your bet per line
  • The red gadget wins 25, 150 and 500 times your bet per line

The Magnet Feature and re-spins

The bonus feature in Attraction is as follows. During every reelspin the magnet acts on one line or column. If the standard Wild symbol appears on it, extra icons that replace other symbols show up in all boxes between the device and the Wild symbol.

Then a free re-spin session is started. During the re-spin all the Wild symbols stick in place. In addition, a couple of magnets act on the game screen during the bonus spin. If the Wild gets attracted by them, the procedure will be repeated.

Experienced players use the demo version of the slot to decide whether it is worth to bet real money or not.