Atlantis Dive (Games OS)
Atlantis Dive

Atlantis Dive Slot by Games OS Review

Combinations in Atlantis Dive are formed on five reels along 20 active paylines. The slot was designed by Games OS. The maximum that you can earn for a standard combination is 2,500 bets per line.

The Scatter in this slot provides you with up to 15 free spins. The Wild replaces only some of the icons. This is offset by paired combinations that award you winnings in any fields on the reels.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Treasure
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 12
Game Rating

Basics of the gameplay

Chips have been provided as game coins in the trial version of Atlantis Dive for making bets. You initially get 500 chips.

The chips are deducted from your account only at the start of the regular spins. You can preset the exact value of your total bet. Its amount will be displayed in the Total Bet section under the fourth reel.

Your total bet is the result of multiplication of two values. The first one being the number of active paylines. You can set a maximum of 20 paylines on this slot. To set the number of lines, you have to click on the appropriate number to the left or to the right of the reels. Another way to set up the value is to use the +/- buttons in the Bet One section.

Your total bet is the number of active lines multiplied by the line bet. You can set it by using the Line Price button. Its operating principle is the same as the previous button. Yet the steps between two neighbouring values may be different each time. The number of bets per line ranges from 0.01 to 1 chip. 

Spinning the reels

The first button that launches the reels has yet another function of displaying the maximum number of active lines. This is the Bet Max button. You can find it underneath your total bet. The largest button, which is the Spin button, is located to the right of it. Click on it to start a regular spin.

During the spin this button turns into the Stop button. By clicking on it you can stop the reels instantly. This feature adds to the feeling of involvement in the gameplay. The Win section is located above the button that starts regular spins. It displays the amount of your winnings for the previous spin.

Spins in Atlantis Dive are not only launched one at a time. If you favour automatic modes, click on the Auto Spin button provided. Locate this button in the lower left corner. By clicking on it you will open up a window with a toggle switch. Set your desired number of autospins by clicking on the +/- buttons.

You can launch 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 autospins. Once you set the number of autospins, click OK. If you change your mind and decide not to start the autogame, just click on the NO button. Please remember that you cannot change your total bet values in the autoplay mode.

There are separate buttons for launching five or ten autospins in a row. You can find them on the left of the Auto Play button and they are called 5x and 10x accordingly.

Symbols and multipliers in Atlantis Dive

Ten out of 12 symbols in Atlantis Dive are generated by chips only. The other two icons perform special functions. One of them is the Wild symbol. The icon depicts a round portal. Its function is to replace four regular symbols:

  • The crystal
  • The shield
  • The helmet
  • The pyramid

The rest of the icons cannot be replaced with the Wild symbol.

The other special symbol is the shield with a 12-pointed star. The star coming up on the game screen may trigger some free spins. Three shields landing on the reels will trigger five free spins. Ten free spins will be launched when four Scatter symbols come up.

Five shields landing on the game screen simultaneously will trigger 15 free spins. It must be noted that the Scatter symbols may drop on the reels during free spins as well. This is how you can get even more free spins during the bonus rounds. At the same time the conditions for earning free spins remain unchanged.

While moving on to the values of regular symbols, please be aware of the icons that can be replaced with the Wild symbol. Their multipliers, just like all the rest, increase your total bet. Such icons are:

  • The green shield, which pays 2, 20, 70 and 250 line bets
  • The pyramid, whose multipliers are 3, 30, 100 and 500
  • The helmet, which has multipliers of 4, 40, 200 and 1,000
  • The crystal on a stand that has multipliers of 5, 50, 400 and 2,500

The icons listed above have four multipliers each, because their combinations award you winnings even if there are only two pictures the same. The rest of the symbols form winning combos only in the amount of three. Multipliers of such symbols are smaller than the ones described above:

  • The chest has the multipliers of 5, 15 and 40
  • Pictures of treasures pay 6, 20 and 50 line bets
  • A submarine with three hoses has the multipliers of 8, 25 or 60
  • A sub with a double periscope pays 10, 30 or 80 bets per line
  • Combinations of compasses pay with the multipliers of 12, 40 or 100
  • The chart has the multipliers of 15, 50 and 150

Six symbols from this list are subdivided into pairs:

  • A compass and a chart
  • Two submarines
  • A chest and treasures

If symbols belonging to one pair land on neighbouring reels on the same line, you are entitled to a certain payout. The treasures paired with the chest will earn you three bets per each line. The submarines have the multiplier of 4. The chart and the compass lined up next to each other, will let you make five bets per line.

It must be noted that paired combinations of symbols of different kinds will be considered as winning on any reels. The rest of the combos must start from the leftmost reel to award a win.