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"Scratch Cards" are a form of instant lottery that were created in 1974. The name of the game comes from the word "to scratch" which means "to scrape/to rub off". This game has very simple rules, is widely available and you can play online for free. The fact that you can learn the result instantly is another advantage that has won the hearts of many followers. The prizes are shown in a separate section and you win if your scratch card has three identical pictures on it. 

How to Play Scratch Cards - Classic Rules

In the classic version, scratch cards look like small tickets. Each card has nine boxes with images that are hidden under a special covering. You need to scratch off the covering to reveal the images. Originally scratch cards were in the form of printed tickets. However, online versions of this instant lottery appeared in the early 2000´s. Scratch2Cash was the first company that offered virtual scratch cards which are based on Flash and Java technologies and imitate the process of scratching off the covering.

You can scratch off the covering in two ways:

  • Box by box - by pointing the mouse 
  • All boxes at once - Using the Scratch All or Show Card button

As their popularity grew, Instant lotteries including scratch cards are now found in the games lists of most software developers and are offered as a form of entertainment in online casinos.

Modern Versions of Online Scratch Cards

Modern Scratch Cards have additional opportunities and in order to jazz up the game, developers have released many different scratch cards with various features.

Cards with expanded game screens

These types of scratch cards have several additional rows and levels. They can contain a few dozen boxes with pictures. In order to get a prize, as well as finding a few identical pictures, if they appear in a row vertically, diagonally or horizontally, subject to the rules of the game, you can also receive an award.

Scratch cards with "winning" symbols

These tickets have predetermined special "winning" symbols. They are located in a separate box and have their own value. You get a prize if the "winning" symbol appears in the shared part of the game screen.

Scratch cards with special symbols

Most often you will come across one or two special pictures:

  • The Wild symbol - for the purpose of winning a prize it can replace any picture and complete the set of symbols. Playtech X-Men Scratch can serve as an example of a scratch card with a Wild.
  • A bonus symbol - When it appears, it provides you with access to additional bonus rounds

Scratch cards with bonus rounds

The above-mentioned bonus symbols trigger bonus rounds:

  • Mini games of pick&win - you select pictures to get additional prizes
  • The Wheel of Fortune - Subject to the rules you can get rewards in credits or additional multipliers
  • Additional cards - you will receive additional cards for free, similar to free spins in slot machines

Lotteries with an unconventional graphic design

These scratch cards contain unusual pictures for example, Classic Slots Scratch Card by Playtech is designed as a slot machine. To earn a reward, you have to form a combination of identical symbols. In the Roulette Scratch Card also by Playtech, the card features a picture of a roulette wheel. The number where the ball stops brings you a reward.

Scratch cards with videos

Rocky Scratch by Playtech is worth mentioning as a good example of a scratch card with a video. The scratch card contains three boxes that each display one of Rocky's adversaries. You choose the contestant and a short video is displayed showing an imitation of the fight. You get a prize if Rocky beats his opponent.

In addition, online scratch cards offer a great variety of themes. The plots of books, myths, legends, films, comics, etc are used to design the tickets.

Scratch cards in poker

It is not only in online casinos that you can come across unconventional instant lotteries. Scratch cards have become widespread in poker room websites. For example, the bonus policy of PokerStars issues lottery tickets to active users. The draws are carried out and the card that has three identical pictures earns the prize.

Famous producers of online scratch cards

As it was already mentioned, many developers have online scratch cards in their portfolios. To name a few of the most famous producers:

  • Playtech - offers the most extensive lines of scratch cards having produced over fifty versions. Apart from the mentioned Rocky Scratch, Classic Slots Scratch and Roulette Scratch, players also like Gladiator, Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World, Thor, A Night Out, Blackjack Scratch and those inspired by the Marvel comics.
  • Microgaming - have a few dozen scratch cards and the most popular include Set & Scratch, Scratch Card, Scratch N Spin, Game, Slam Funk, Pharaoh's Gems and Lucky Numbers.
  • 1x2 Gaming - have cards with classic rules and unconventional options in its collection. The Zodiac scratch card features an unconventional game screen design and many 1x2 Scratch cards are themed to sports, like Go for Gold or Rugby Riches

The first producer of online scratch cards, Scratch2Cash, maintains one of the leading positions in the market. Its collection contains lotteries with big jackpots, like 3WOW where you have a chance to win a million


Modern developers keep introducing new projects aimed at strengthening the appeal of instant lotteries. They develop digital platforms, create scratch cards for mobile devices and expand the range of models. Experts forecast the further development of the online market of instant lotteries. provides the very best selection of legal online scratch cards available for free and for real money, similar in nature to traditional cards in that players select tiles to win prizes, matching fruit, gold bars or even the tiles that reveal the actual prizes themselves. You can evaluate the advantages of different types of scratch cards by playing the free demo versions of the most interesting online scratch cards by the most famous developers. These are super-fast and simple games with the chance to make instant wins, be they small or life changing! No downloads and no trip to the shops.