Scratch Soccer (1x2 Gaming)
Scratch Soccer Online Game
Soccer Scratch Game

Review of Free Scratch Card Scratch Soccer by 1x2 Gaming

Scratch Soccer is an online scratch card that you can play for free at It was created by 1x2 Gaming and is themed to the popular sport of Football / Soccer. It has 6 different pictures that can appear on every card and 3 identical pictures will give you an instant win of up to 250 times your bet amount.

Game Information
Type Scratch
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 90
Game Rating
Scratch Soccer images

Scratch Soccer Pictures and Multipliers

The scratch card has 6 pictures that are all related to Football / Soccer matches and can appear anywhere on the scratch card. If you reveal 3 pictures that are the same then you will receive a reward. The amount of the reward is the sum of your bet multiplied by the multiplier for that picture. The pictures and multipliers are:

  • Football Boot - x1
  • Football Shirt - x2
  • Football - x5
  • Referees Whistle - x10
  • Football Player - x50
  • Winners Trophy - x250

The multipliers and pictures are listed on the right hand side of the scratch card. Find more free scratch card games at

How to Play Scratch Soccer

Scratch Soccer by 1x2 Gaming is very simple to play. Once the game has loaded you will see a panel on the left that has a grey covering and on the right are the pictures and their multipliers.At the bottom you can see the stake amount that you can change using the arrows. This is the amount that you will pay for every new card and the number that is used to calculate winnings.

Next to this there are two red buttons, the top one allows you to purchase a new card and the bottom one will uncover the coating in one go. You can also uncover the pictures using the mouse, one click anywhere on the coating will turn the mouse pointer into a coin that you can use to scratch off the coating to reveal the pictures.

On the far right you can see a box that will show any winnings that you have gained. Below the playing area you can also see:

  • Speaker - turns the game sounds off or on
  • Demo - shows that you are playing the demo version
  • Fun - displays your balance
  • Circular Arrow button - shows your bet history
  • 3 horizontal lines - opens the game options where you can change the sound and quality of the game
  • ? - opens the instructions and rules of the Scratch Soccer game.

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