Virtual Racing Trotting (1x2 Gaming)
Virtual Racing Trotting

Virtual Racing Trotting Game by 1x2 Gaming Review

Virtual Racing Trotting is a slot by 1x2Gaming which simulates horse racing. The game screen imitates the real racing, that you see from the spectator stands of the racetrack. Every 5 minutes, you see races of eight trotting horses harnessed to two-wheeled carriages. The maximum win depends on the bet you placed and the multipliers of horses participating in the race. You can place bets on other types of sports competitions.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Sports
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 148
Game Rating

Rules of the Virtual Racing Trotting slot

Scroll the screen to see all the controls of the slot. The game screen is quite big and consists of three elements:

  • A screen that displays a race and information about riders
  • A table with multipliers of riders and betting options (under the screen)
  • A field for placing bets (to the right of the screen)

You can see 5 icons with a countdown timer at the top of the game screen. It shows how much time is left before the start of the race on other similar slots by 1x2Gaming. Five types of game are available:

  • Horse races
  • Greyhound races
  • Speedway races
  • Cycling races
  • Trotting races

You can switch the games right here, without opening the web page with a new slot. The Latest Results table which is found under the screen shows the results of the latest races. There is only one table for all five games. Near this section, there is another one — Last Bets. Click it to see your previous bets.

Under the screen, there is the Bet bar and under it is the start time of the next races. There are five minutes intervals between the races. You can see the start time of the next six races on the screen. The right arrow allows you to see up to twenty future races. You need access to them to make one of the bet types.

You can place bets up to ten seconds before the start of the race. That is why the timer above the screen shows the time left before the start of the next race and the timer under the screen shows how much is left before the bets close.

The screen alternately displays a description of each of the eight horse/rider tandems participating in the races. The following information is shown:

  • Horse number
  • Colour of a rider suit
  • Horse name
  • Rider name
  • Results of five latest races with their participation
  • Multiplier

After the race starts, a line appears at the bottom of the screen that shows the race of four leading participants. Multicoloured t-shirts with numbers change places, displaying the position of the rider in comparison with the rest. 

After the race, you will see the results:

  • Numbers and names of the horses, that took the first three places
  • Payouts for the winner
  • Payouts according to the Forecast and Tricast bets

On the top right you can see the Balance bar, that shows your current balance. Initially, it is 5,000 coins. This slot is absolutely free to play. The demo version that we have on our website is to get familiar with the slot and to play for fun.

Next to it are two other buttons:

  • The question mark icon opens a window with rules
  • The speaker icon turns off the sound effects

Types of bets

The Virtual Racing Trotting slot features the following types of bets:

  • Singles — on one race
  • Multi — on several races

The Singles bets can be:

  • Win Bet is a bet on the rider to take the first place
  • Place Bet is a bet that the chosen rider will be among the winners. If the race has from 8 to 15 participants, as in this slot, the podium of leadership consists of three places
  • Usually, you cannot place bets on the races with four or fewer participants, but this slot by 1x2Gaming allows this option
  • E/W (Each Way) Bet — is a combination of two previous bets and it doubles the initial bet. If a rider took the first place, the Win Bet and the Place Bet pay. If a rider was among the winners, only the Place Bet pays
  • Forecast (Straight Forecast) — allows you to choose two riders to be first and second in the correct order
  • Reverse Forecast (Dual Forecast) — allows you to choose two riders to be first and second but in any order. This bet doubles the initial bet
  • Tricast — you need to guess the horses that will take the first three places
  • Reverse Tricast (Combination Tricast) — you need to choose three horses that will be among the winners but in any order. This bet pays six times your initial bet

Multi Bets

Choose at least two riders from two different races to place this bet. You cannot choose more than one rider in the same race. Great choice of combinations for Multi Bets allows making the bets in several races simultaneously (for example, horse and greyhound races). The number of selected options can include from one to 247 bets (which involve combinations from a bet on one to eight participants at a time). You will find a complete list of possible combinations in the rules of the game.

How to place bets

Use a table of race participants which is under the screen to make a bet. The participants change in each race and this table displays the information about them. As soon as the bets of the previous round are closed and while the race is being shown, the information about each rider are displayed in order on the screen. Click the line with the name of the race participant to get detailed information about him, the same as the visitors of the real racetrack read in the race program:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Coach name
  • Owner name
  • Results of latest twenty races (first places, being among the winners)
  • Results of latest five races (all places)

Click the line with a name again and the information table will disappear. Note the multipliers of different types of bets to decide whether to make a bet on this horse or not. Theoretically, the smaller the multiplier, the greater chances the horse has of winning. In practice, it is not true: any horse from the first four, or even weaker, can become a leader.

To make a bet, in the table under the screen you need to:

  • Choose the type of the bet — Win/Place, Forecast or Tricast
  • Choose the horse by clicking the button with its multiplier

The chosen bet moves to the top right on the Bet Slip panel. There, you should choose the Single or Multi section. Remember about the limitation of the Multi bets: one race — one participant. You can set the size of the bet in the Stake window, if you are not satisfied with the bet of 1 coin set by default. If you bet on several participants in one race, the bet can be different for each of them.

When the bet is set you see:

  • Its size — Total Stake
  • Possible win — Estimated Returns (calculated by applying the bet to the horse multiplier)

If you are satisfied with the settings, click the Submit Bet button and the value in the Last bets section is updated. Otherwise, click Clear Bet to clear the bet field. The default bet is made in the decimal system with the Decimal indicator. The other two options — Fractional and American — are different systems for calculating payouts. You choose them as you wish, they do not affect the payout.  The Virtual Racing Trotting slot –a simulator of the real racing with the feature of different single and multi bets. Experienced players point out a variety of slot options available during the gameplay.