Virtual Racing Speedway (1x2 Gaming)
Virtual Racing Speedway

Virtual Racing Speedway Online Game

The Virtual Racing Speedway slot by 1x2 Gaming consists of a game window, a table of multipliers and a betting panel. Here, you can place from 1 to 500 units and make several different bets at once on one event. The animation screen activates every 3 minutes with sound comments of what goes on.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Sports
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 60
Game Rating

How to play

To run the game in the Virtual Racing Speedway slot, you must learn how to place bets. Guessing the winner is your main goal. To make bets, you are given free units (FUN). Their number is displayed in the Balance section and initially there are 5,000 units.

You can make your predictions in the Bet table, which is found below the graphic screen. The buttons with the time counter and the name of the racing track are at the top — these are planned events. You can select the tab that suits you by time and the betting panel will be displayed below. It consists of four sections:

  • Rider — participants in the race with their names, colours and numbers
  • Win — bet on the win
  • Place — a bet on the rider that will take a place, the same as his number
  • E/W — bet on the two previous positions

You can make a bet using the boxes, found in each of the 3 last sections. The number on them shows the multiplier for payouts: they change in each race, the same as the names of riders. If you select the Forecast tab above, you will be able to place bets on the first or second place. A dark Decimal window is found below the tab, enabling you to change the mode of displaying the multipliers.

To place a bet, click the corresponding multiplier. It will appear in the Bet Slip section to the right of the table. There, you need to specify the bet size (from 1 to 500 units) in the Stake box and click the Submit Bet button. The button with the Clear Bets words closes all setting windows.

When betting is over, it's time to run the game. It starts automatically at the specified time and will be displayed on the virtual screen. Two sections, Latest Results and Last Bets, are found below it on the right. The first will display the results of latest events of all available game types. The second will open the betting panel with the following items:

  • Runners — the basic information about the placed bets
  • Stake — the number of invested credits
  • Potential — a possible win
  • Status — the current state of your bet (win, loss or in progress)

After the race is finished, your win will be added to the Balance section automatically.

Game field, buttons and game parameters

When the right time comes, the virtual screen of the slot becomes active. It displays the race on motorcycles very realistically with comments of the virtual observer. It reproduces the entire race and the results after it. A line with other games by the manufacturer is found above the screen and you can change the type of the event with it. On the top right, your in-game balance is displayed, which is 5,000 FUN initially. The icon "?", which opens the slot rules, and the loudspeaker that turns off the sound are found next to it.

The 1x2 Gaming allows you make free bets on virtual motorcycle races. In the Virtual Racing Speedway slot, you have 5,000 credits for free. You can make a countless number of bets up to 500 units and you will really feel like you are a real professional.