Treasure Tomb (1x2 Gaming)
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Arcade Slot Treasure Tomb by 1x2 Gaming

Treasure Tomb Online Slot

Treasure Tomb is an arcade slot with various multipliers. You have to reach the tomb through the colour sectors. Each colour has its own multiplier. The maximum bet is 100 credits, the minimum — 0.10. The game was developed by 1x2 Gaming. For going through the red sector you earn the biggest multiplier — x5.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Treasure
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 111
Game Rating

How to play Treasure Tomb

At the start of the Treasure Tomb game, you get 50,000 credits to your balance. To start the game, select the bet size. This is done in the Choose Stake window. It appears on the screen before the game starts. The bet size varies from 0.10 to 100 credits. After that, click Play.

Now you have to choose the sector you want to go through first. You can see six tiles here and you can choose any one of them. The goal of the game is to go through all seven rows of tiles to the tomb of treasures. Each new step multiplies your current reward by a certain factor. The higher the multiplier of the coloured tiles — the less safe is your moving.

In this way, you can win a large amount of credits. As soon as you reach the tomb with the mummy, you will earn a prize + 10% of the bonus. After that, the system will offer you either to withdraw your winnings or to continue the game and try to go back. It is worth considering that is impossible to go through the same tiles, which you walked through to the tomb.

You are enabled to step on all tiles that are active (they are highlighted). All other sectors are not active, but their colours are visible on the screen. This helps determine the most profitable way to advance to the finish.

You can pick up the prize after each successful step. To do this, click the Collect button in the window that pops up on the left. The win size is also displayed there.

Additional buttons on the screen

In the bottom line on the right the auxiliary buttons are found. Their functions include:

  • Opening the game rules on the screen
  • Enabling/disabling the sound
  • Increasing or decreasing the level of graphics
  • Watching the history (the function is only available in the paid version of the game)

To the left of them is the loudspeaker icon — it adjusts the sound volume. Also you can find two information sections there: the number of credits in your balance sheet and the game version.

Multipliers of the Treasure Tomb arcade risk game

To multiply your win, you need to pass through one of the sectors. The higher the multiplier of a sector, the smaller is your chance to pass it. The game has five multi-coloured tiles that you can choose. Below is a list of all sectors and multipliers for their passage:

  • The blue sector — x1.25
  • The green sector — х1.5
  • The yellow sector — x2
  • The pink sector — х3
  • The red sector — х5

You can see all multipliers in the Tile Values section, found on the right of the screen.

In the case of failure, your character dies. The slot offers four variants of death in the game:

  • Your character will be crushed by stones
  • The character will be bitten by a spider
  • A mummy will come out from the tomb and pierce the character with a death ray
  • A mummy guard will shoot him with a poison arrow

When the sector turns out to be a losing one, your reward is cancelled. After the failure — you choose the bet size again and restart the game.


Treasure Tomb represents the arcade genre. Winning several times in a row, you can raise the number of your credits to a large amount. Here, sizes of winning have no limits. You cannot change the bet size during rounds. After each loading of the game, 50,000 credits appear in your balance sheet again. Treasure Tomb is fit for both newbies and professionals.