Rally Hi-Lo (1x2 Gaming)
Rally Hi-Lo

Rally Hi-Lo Game by 1x2 Gaming Review

The Rally Hi-Lo online game is a representative of a number of games, where the correctly specified range of figures is the key to success. This slot by 1x2 Gaming is themed to races. You will play 20 racing rounds which have 8 interim points with bonuses. The maximum win is 10,000 credits for reaching the finish line on the track.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Sports
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 93
Game Rating

Game rules

The demo version of the Rally Hi-Lo slot gives you 50,000 credits. They are displayed in the FUN section. Refreshing the page will return your balance to 50,000. It does not matter whether the balance was higher or lower than this number before the refresh button is clicked. The credits are used to set a bet for the round and your winnings are also in credits.

To change your bet, use the up and down controls in the Enter Stake section. The minimum bet is 0.10 credits and the maximum bet is 100 credits. Its size affects your win amount, which you get if the round finishes favourably for you.

Click the Play button to start the round. The Enter Stake section is replaced with a screen with 14 sectors, the Shuffle bar and the Bank window. One of fourteen figures which becomes a key mark for the round is chosen randomly. You have to choose whether the next number will be lower or higher.

Lo Pays and High Pays buttons

For example, the figure 10 appears on the game screen. If you click the Lo Pays button, which is on the left, you place a bet on 1–9 appearing at the end of the round. If you click the High Pays button, which is on the right, you place a bet on 11–14 appearing at the end of the round. The sum of your winnings for the correct guess is under the button.

After you click on the Lo or High button, the pointer moves from one side to another and then stops. If the pointer stops in the green section, you will get the payout. Then, you have several options to choose from — take the winnings or stake them in the next round. If the pointer stops in any red sector, you will lose your bet per round and return to the beginning — placing a bet.

All your winnings for the rounds you've passed are displayed in the Bank window. Click the Collect button to transfer your winnings to your account at any time before beginning a new round.

Use the Shuffle option to change the figure that has dropped. Initially, you have only three attempts. However, there are rounds with additional attempts on the track. You can change the figure before you click the Lo or High button.

You move ahead on the track until you lose for the first time. The next round begins with the first mark in the game screen.

Bonuses in the Rally Hi-Lo slot

You have to collect two types of bonuses — Shuffle with additional attempts and increased payouts — as you move through the rounds of the Rally Hi-Lo race track. The extra mix is available on rounds 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18. If you achieve specified marks in the game screen, an additional attempt is automatically added to the Shuffle section. You can use it in the next round.

You can get your winnings increased only three times in the game screen:

  • +10% in round 7
  • +20% in round 13
  • +30% in round 20

It means that you will get the payouts only multiplied by your bet in the first six rounds. In rounds 7–12, 10% is added to each payout. In rounds 13–19, 20%, and so on. If you lose, all your bonuses are reset.

Payouts and strategy of the game

The Rally Hi-Lo slot has a system of multipliers for each sector in the game screen. The result of the game — the payout you will get if you guess the correct figure — depends on the multiplier and the bet per round.

The multipliers of the payouts for Lo Pays:

  • 1 — none
  • 2 — 13.30
  • 3 — 6.65
  • 4 — 4.43
  • 5 — 3.33
  • 6 — 2.66
  • 7 — 2.22
  • 8 — 1.90
  • 9 — 1.66
  • 10 — 1.48
  • 11 — 1.33
  • 12 — 1.21
  • 13 — 1.11
  • 14 — 1.02

The list of the multipliers for High Pays mirrors the above:

  • 1 — 1.02
  • 2 — 1.11
  • 3 — 1.21
  • 4 — 1.33
  • 5 — 1.48
  • 6 — 1.66
  • 7 — 1.90
  • 8 — 2.22
  • 9 — 2.66
  • 10 — 3.33
  • 11 — 4.43
  • 12 — 6.65
  • 13 — 13.30
  • 14 — none

You can define the Lo and High Pays profitability in a simple manner: the more sectors are designated by the green colour, the easier it will be to be successful but the smaller the prize will be. The aim of the game is to guess the correct sector of the game screen rather than a specific figure.

For example, a bet per round is 100 credits with 10 as a starting mark. If you choose Lo Pays from 1 to 9 and are correct, you will get 148 credits because the multiplier for Lo 10 is 1.48. Under the same conditions, if you choose High Pays you will get 333 credits, as the multiplier for High 10 is 3.33.

There are several gaming strategies in Rally Hi-Lo. One is most obvious and can be conditionally called "slow but steady wins the race". The optimum starting figure is 1–4 or 11–14 with a bet for High Pays and Lo Pays, respectively. If you did not get this figure automatically, you can use the Shuffle option. So, the payouts will be small, but steady and will allow you to move on in the game screen.

Another strategy is opposite — choose the Pays option with the smallest number of green sectors. So, the probability of losing the round is very high, but the payout in case of success is high, too. The Rally Hi-Lo slot is available in the demo version.