Gears of Fortune (Gamevy)
Gears of Fortune
Gears of Fortune

Gears of Fortune Online Slot

This online trivia game from Gamevy is not a traditional slot machine game as instead of spinning reels there is one giant wheel that you need to spin. It will stop on different symbols, including hazard symbols which you need to avoid, and once you have collected a set of matching symbols, you will receive a prize between 100% and 800% of your bet. You can also answer questions to unlock the jackpot gears which have higher payout percentages that range from 2,500% to 100,000%.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Different
Developer Gamevy
Games played 41
Game Rating

Main Features

Jackpot Cogs

You will need to answer questions correctly when the wheel lands on the key symbol. If you answer correctly then you will receive a Jackpot Cog. There are four different sets of Jackpot Cogs, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum they all have payouts percentages as follows:

  • Bronze - 2,500%
  • Silver - 5,000%
  • Gold - 10,000%
  • Platinum - 100,000%

Bonus Boosters can be awarded when you answer a question correctly and they raise the level of the Jackpots, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum by percentage points of your bet amount.

How to Play

When the game starts you will see a large wheel that has 38 symbols on it:

  • 2 Blue symbols
  • 3 Purple symbols
  • 4 Aqua symbols
  • 5 Yellow symbols
  • 12 Red Hazard symbols
  • 12 Keys

You need to spin the wheel and collect sets of symbols to receive a payout. To spin the wheel you need to click on the green start button in the centre of the wheel. The inner and outer wheels will then spin and stop on symbols which are removed from the wheel and added to your sets, until it selects a key. When that happens a question will appear on the screen and you have to select one of two answers, if you are right you will receive either a Jackpot Cog or a Bonus Booster and return to the wheel where you need to press the start button again. If you are incorrect you will also return to the reel where you have to start the wheel spinning again.

If you land on a red hazard symbol it will be added to the set of hazard symbols and the aim of the game is to collect a set of symbols or Jackpot cogs before you collect 5 red hazard symbols, which will end the game.

Symbols and Payouts

To collect a win then you need to collect sets of symbols which then award payouts as a percentage of your bet as follows:

  • Blue symbol - 100%
  • Purple symbol - 200%
  • Aqua symbol - 400%
  • Yellow symbol - 800%

There are also red hazard symbols and if you collect 5 of them before a set of symbols then the game will be over. The Key symbols will unlock a jackpot question and if you answer correctly then you will receive either a Jackpot Cog or a Bonus Booster.

The payouts shown on the left of the screen reflect your current bet amount.

Buttons and Controls of the Slot

When this game loads you will see a large wheel on the right side of the screen and the sets that you can collect are shown with their payouts according to your bet setting on the left.

In the top left hand corner you can see the current time and in the top right hand corner is a button that will switch the screen to full screen mode.

At the bottom of the screen you can see the following information and buttons:

  • House - takes you to the casino
  • Your bet - shows you bet amount
  • Your Balance - shows the amount of your balance

You will then see the game logo, the area for the Hazard set and in the far right a speaker which turns the sounds on or off, a musical note that allows you to adjust the background music and the words “How to Play” which opens a new screen that has all of the instructions for the game.