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Derby Day Online Game

Derby Day House Racing is the Playtech brainchild themed to horse racing. Common spins of the reels turn into the animation of heats. The rules of the slot clearly follow how bets are made in derby. The size of the prizes depends on the type of bet and the "popularity" of the heat participants.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Sports
Developer Playtech
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Interface of the Derby Day slot machine

Design of the Derby Day slot is uncommon. It doesn't come with the usual reels, lines, rows and symbols. There is an image of the race track on the panel. You are prompted to forecast the winner of the competition.

The rules were created with utmost care and diligence. The slot machine allows you to take into account lots of factors helping to make the right choice.

In the top right corner there is a "forecast" and the condition of the tracks. Horse race fans assure you that these values can significantly influence the result of the race.

On the left you can see the list of the horses participating in the heat. By clicking the icon of an animal a window pops up. Here you can see such characteristics as sex, age, rating, the number of races won and other figures. This information also helps you to decide what horse you want to bet on.

Available combinations

According to the rules of the game you can forecast different types of race results:

  • Winner — the bet for the winner. In case you guess the horse that finishes first you win
  • Exacta — the forecast for two horses that take the first and the second place
  • Place — the choice of a horse that will cross the finish line in first or second place
  • Show — a bet on the horse that takes one of the first three places
  • Pick IV-V — the forecast of heat results with an indication of four or five horses and the places they may take

In most cases, you are allowed to place a bet on several horses. There is an exception for the Exacta and Pick IV-V positions.

Peculiarities of placing bets in the Derby Day slot

To choose a certain type of bet you need to click the corresponding label in the top right of the slot. An additional window shows up on the screen.

In this window you can choose:

  • Horses that you think will win. You need to put a tick in the checkbox next to the horse or choose the bet size
  • The bet size of 0.1 to 100 demo credits

You place a bet on each of the horses. If you make a forecast for several possible horses to win, the bets are added for each of them. To confirm your selection, click the Confirm button.

In the same tabs you can also see the multipliers that will double the bets in case you win. The prize size is calculated immediately and displayed in the neighbouring boxes. The figures can vary. They depend on the complexity of the bet type you choose and also on what the horse is capable of.

After you have made the forecast and chosen the bet size, you just need to click the Race button. The slot starts the animation of the horse race. You need only to watch the race and wait for the results.

The Derby Day slot machine is for true fans of horse races who know what horses are like. The devotees of this kind of sport can make winning forecasts on the basis of the horse characteristics analysis and weather conditions. According to the reviews, first-timers also enjoy the slot. They deal with the subtleties of the game with pleasure.