Bet on Dogs (iGaming2go)
Bet on Dogs

Bet on Dogs Online Slot by iGaming2go

Bet on Dogs — a video slot that is a virtual version of betting on dog races. Six dogs participate in the race. The slot by iGaming2go allows you to place a bet on the number of the winner, as well as on the two numbers of dogs that will come to the finish line in first and second place. 

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Different
Developer iGaming2go
Games played 35
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Bet on Dogs controls

The demo version of the slot machine is no different from the original in the functionality of the interface and gameplay. The only difference is the virtual game currency used — credits.

The slot management is quite simple. First of all, you need to choose the value of the total bet for one run. It is best to start with a small amount for informational purposes. Set the parameter using the "-" and "+" buttons in the bottom line of the control panel within the limits of 1 to 100 credits.

In order to understand the management of the slot, it is recommended to get familiar with the contents of the help menu that is opened by clicking the icon with the letter "i". It has the necessary information about all game processes of the slot.

The Credits section displays the current status of your total account.  At the beginning of the game, you have 500 credits in your account. The game menu opens with an icon showing three horizontally arranged lines. It contains three tabs with the following functionality:

  1. Settings — technical and game settings of the slot. Here you can turn off and on the sound, the video, reverse the bet on the first and second place and also choose the quality of visual effects
  2. Last Result — the result of the latest races in the game. Based on this data, you can make predictions about what number dog will come to the finish line first in the next race
  3. Exit — exit the game and go to the official website of the manufacturer

The game has two betting formats —  on the winner in the Winner tab and on the two numbers that will be the first and second to reach the finish line in the Forecast tab.

Betting on the winner

The bet on the winner is done by clicking one of the six numbers opposite the image of the dogs. Also, there are indicators of the win amounts that are displayed in the form of multipliers of the total bet. These multipliers differ in size based on the statistics of previous races. In theory, the lower the winning rating of a number, the more likely it is to come first.

In practice, this does not always happen. So be careful and learn the results of the latest races yourself. Or you can rely entirely on luck.

After clicking one of the numbers, your choice will be displayed in the betting window. It will indicate the number of credits put on the number, the multiplier and the theoretical amount of the win.

You can place from one to six stakes for one run in the bet the winner format. Each one of them has its own value and multiplier. By combining several bet numbers and adjusting their parameters, you can achieve the optimal result in probability and the amount of winnings.

Forecast bet

This format of the bet requires you to guess exactly the two numbers of the dogs that will come to the finish line in first and second place.  They must finish exactly in the order that you specify. For example, if you select the 1-2 bet and the 2 comes first and then the 1, you will not get a reward.

So, it is difficult to guess the right position. This is why you get a large reward for the win. The multiplier for a prize varies between 20 and 40 approximately. Therefore, it seems right and logical to place several bets for one run. The game even has a special feature for this:

  1. Reverse — by placing a bet on a certain number, the feature automatically adds one more with the reverse arrangement of numbers. For example, if you select the position 1-2, the 2-1 position will be automatically added. So, whichever number comes first, you will still receive a reward
  2. Traditional betting — several bets with the same first number. For example, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3… and so on

After setting the number and value of the bet, as well as other parameters, you can go directly to the gameplay.

Starting the game

The Send bet button starts the gameplay on the game screen of the slot. It shows some visuals with six dogs racing. Upon reaching the finish line, a table with numbers and the dogs' ranks is displayed.  After that, if you have guessed the number or sequence of numbers, you receive an appropriate reward. The maximum win in one run is about 4,000 credits.

Bet on Dogs — a virtual version of dog racing with good graphics and interface. A wide range of bets and large wins allow you to apply different game strategies.