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Around The World Online Slot by Playtech Review

Around The World is a peculiar slot machine where the player needs to pass four levels of the game to get the highest reward. Playtech created this slot. To pass a single level, you need to guess the relation of the subsequent number to the previous one.

By passing all these levels, you get the maximum reward, which is four times your initial bet. Besides the segments with numbers, there are some bonus segments on the wheel. The slot features three of these bonus segments.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Different
Developer Playtech
Games played 26
Game Rating

Betting and starting a round

You get 2,000 credits at the beginning of the gaming session in the Around The World demo-slot. It is a virtual currency. It is wagered before each round. Your current credit balance is shown in the bottom left corner.

A toggle is used to determine your bet in the game. It is found in the centre of the screen. You can set 18 different numbers from 0.1 to 100 on it. To switch from one value to another, click the "-" and "+" buttons, respectively. When you've determined the bet value, hit the Start button to launch a round.

The window in the middle of the screen will disappear at this point. Therefore, to recall your wager, you should look at the bottom left corner. You will see a yellow circle with a "Bet" caption and the bet amount.

The wheel starts spinning after you hit the Start button. It is found in the bottom of the screen. A magnifying glass is mounted on the wheel. A certain number will be shown behind it. There is a total of 49 numbers on the wheel from 1 to 49. Also, one of the three special segments may appear under the magnifier. These are explained in more detail later.

Peculiarities of gameplay during a round

After the first number appears, you can enter the game. You should guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the current one behind the magnifier.

If you think it's higher, then click the Higher button. If you predict the future number to be lower, then hit the Lower button. Both these buttons are located on the sides of the magnifying glass.

After hitting one of these buttons, the wheel starts to spin again. By getting your prediction right, you will proceed a step further on the current level. If you've made a wrong guess of how the numbers correlate, you will proceed as well. But you will get one strike. It is shown in the top left corner, right of the word Strike. If there is an X on one of the squares, then you've already got a strike.

You can only make one mistake on each level. You won't get any reward if you fail twice to make the right prediction.

Around The World has a total of four levels. You need to make six steps to finish each one. It is shown in the top of the game screen. The levels are split up with pictures of some famous sights:

  • The Eiffel tower
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Big Ben

They are referred to as checkpoints further in the text.

There are six boxes between these images. They will show numbers coming up on the wheel. If the value matches your prediction, your box will become yellow. Otherwise, it will be red.

When you complete one of the levels, a window appears with two buttons in it. You can claim your winnings by hitting the Cashout button. The round will end afterwards. If you want to proceed the current round, click the Keep Playing button. After accomplishing the fourth round, you will get your reward automatically.


You will get 2.5 times your bet if you've completed the first level. The resulting reward at the end of the second level is three times your initial bet. The third level pays you 3.5 times your bet. Finishing the fourth level returns you four times your initial bet.

When you reach the checkpoint, it will display a string showing your current winnings. Notably, the payouts in different checkpoints aren't accumulated. You will only get the highest one, that is, the last one.

If you pass a level with one strike, you will get your initial bet as a reward. This rule applies even if you reach the checkpoint after getting one of the bonuses.


The bonuses of the Around The World slot are special segments which can come up on the wheel. There are only three of them. They are highlighted in yellow on the wheel. Special boxes display the process which leads to their occurrence. They also feature two letters — the abbreviation of the bonus.

If a special box lands, you will:

  • Get rid of a strike, if you have one (the RS segment)
  • Make a free step further (the AS segment)
  • Go over to the next level automatically (the AL segment)

After the bonus step, you need to make a choice again, depending on the previous number. An exception is when the bonus step was the last one before the checkpoint. If you continue the round, you will get a new number on the next level.

Slot settings

The settings in the Around The World slot machine are brought together in a corresponding section. To find it, you should place the cursor on the Spanner symbol found in the top right corner. This action will cause a list of buttons to appear. The Options button is used to go to the settings.

An additional window will appear after you click it.

The demo version lets you adjust the sound and the speed of the round. The former option is adjusted in the Audio Settings section. You can turn on and off some of the elements of background sounds. You can also adjust the overal volume. You can modify it on a special scale called Volume.

A similar scale is also found beyond the settings window. To see it, place the cursor on the Loudspeaker symbol. It is also located in the top right corner of the screen. If you want to disable the sound altogether, click the Loudspeaker.

The Around The World video slot has quality graphics and a well-thought-out interface. The players of this slot will find it a convenient way to try their luck.