3 Card Poker (Betsoft)
3 Card Rummy Online Poker Game
3 Card Rummy Poker by Betsoft

3 Card Rummy Poker Game by Betsoft - Play Online for Free

The 3 Card Rummy game is developed by Betsoft. In this game you play three-card poker. Besides you can play up to three hands to collect combinations. The maximum multiplier is awarded for Straight Flush that is 40 to 1. However, you can only win it if an additional bet is placed for the Pair Plus zone.

Game Information
Type Poker
Developer Betsoft
Games played 401
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How to Play the 3 Card Rummy Online Poker

When you load the demo version of the 3 Card Rummy by Betsoft, 1,000 credits are deposited into your account. You can see the current amount of credits in the Bal section. Above this section you can find the Bet bar. The bar displays your bet per game which can be made up of several bets.

On the poker game screen you can see nine bet zones, three zones for each hand. They are identical and are played under equal terms. Let's describe the gameplay using one hand. Initially, you should place a mandatory bet for the Ante zone.

To place your bet, use the chips. The chip values are shown in the bottom right corner. You should highlight the required chip and click the bet zone. By clicking it again, one chip will be added.  The chip values available are 1, 5, 25 and 100 credits. The maximum bet is 250 credits, the minimum is 1 credit. Also you can bet your chips for the Pair Plus zone. Betting is done here similarly, but its maximum size is 50 credits.

To start the game click Deal. To change the bet, first you should clear the table from chips by using the Clear button. As the game starts you get three cards in each hand where the Ante was placed. The dealer is also dealt with three cards which are face-down. After viewing the cards, you should choose one of the actions:

  • To place one more bet for the Call screen which is the same size as that placed for the Ante zone, and continue the game
  • To fold

The former is done by clicking Ride, the latter - by hitting Fold. Anyway, when you make your choice, you can see the dealer's cards, and the game is over. A new deal is done in two ways:

  • By placing chips for the betting zone and clicking Deal
  • By clicking Repeat

In the second case, your bet is the same as it was during the previous deal. The options of the 3 Card Rummy online game are as follows: adjusting the sound and learning the rules of the gameplay. To enable the former option, click Sound ON/OFF, to view the rules, click Help. Also you can adjust the dealing speed. This can be done by using the buttons above the chips featuring arrows.

Combinations and Regular Payouts

The combinations in the 3 Card Rummy game correspond to traditional hands. The highest-paying hand is Straight Flush. The lowest-paying hand is Queen pair. The hands with the cards of the lower rank are not considered.

If you or the dealer get hands of the rank lower than a pair of Queens, you get back the bets placed for the Call and Ante zones. If you and the dealer get identical hands, the same thing happens. If your hand is winning, and the dealer's hand is not, your bet placed in the Ante zone is paid with the multiplier 1 to 1, and the Call zone bet is paid back.

If both opponents of the game each have a winning hand, two options are possible. One option is if the hand is the dealer's, the other one if the hand is yours. If the dealer wins the game, your bets for the Call and Ante zones are lost. If you get the highest-paying hand, standard bets are paid with the multiplier of 1 to 1. If you like poker and other casino games, at NeonSlots you will find a numerous collection of card games online to play for free with no download.

3 Card Rummy Bonus Payouts

The bonus payouts are Ante Bonus and Pair Bonus. Ante Bonus is awarded for three highest-paying hands -  Straight, Set and Straight Flush. Straight Flush is the best-paying hand, it pays you six times your bet for the Ante zone including the initial one. Set awards the multiplier of 4 to 1 and Straight 3 to 1.

Ante Bonus is paid when the required hand appears regardless of the game result unless you click Fold. Pair Bonus is awarded under the same conditions. The list of its winning hands has two hands more, it includes Pair and Flush. However, the multipliers are different:

  • Pair - 1 to 1
  • Flush - 4 to 1
  • Straight - 6 to 1
  • Set - 30 to 1
  • Straight Flush - 40 to 1

The game appeals to beginners who are learning the basics of poker as well as to experienced players who prefer simple rules. Play more Poker Online Games for free at NeonSlots.