Baccarat Profеssional Series (NetEnt)
Play for Free Baccarat Professional Series Online Game by NetEnt
Baccarat Profеssional Series by NetEnt

Baccarat Profеssional Series Game by NetEnt

The Baccarat Professional Series slot by NetEnt was made for the fans of the famous Baccarat card game. The rules of the game do not differ from the classic rules. The Tie pays 9:1. Other bets pay double your wager. The scoring rules are also traditional. Both the player and the banker can get a maximum of three cards under certain circumstances. The minimum bet is 100 and the maximum 1,000 credits.

Game Information
Type Baccarat
Developer NetEnt
Games played 185
Game Rating

Bets and launching the coup (round of Baccarat)

You will get 5,000 credits when entering the free version of the Baccarat Professional Series video slot. This is a virtual currency used for all calculations during gameplay. You can see your current balance in the centre of the bottom control panel. It is available at any point during the gaming session. The Cash line displays your virtual account. You will see the Bet and Win sections to the right. The former shows your total bet and the latter displays your winnings for the previous round.

You will see some chips in the bottom right corner. Each has its own value. There are four chips available with values of 100, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 credits. You can see three of these chips in the chip section. To see the hidden chip, click the right or left arrow.

The chip located on top of the others is the one currently active. It can be placed on the chosen betting area with a mouse click. The slot includes a total of three betting areas:

  • Player is for the player
  • Banker is for the banker
  • Tie means a bet for a tie

They are all in the centre of the screen. The maximum bet you can make on all the betting areas is 10,000 credits. The minimum bet is a chip of 100 credits.

You can cancel the bet you have made if you are unhappy with it. This action can be undone by clicking the grey chip with a red X. It is located near the regular chips in the bottom right corner. First, you need to make it active. Then click the betting area you want to clear.

After you finish setting the bets, you can start the deal. To do this, hit the Deal button. Notably, in the Baccarat Professional Series slot game you can start rounds with no chips bet. Therefore, such a coup will win you nothing.

Dealing the cards

During play, you are not required to take any action. You can only watch the cards being dealt. The player and the banker get two cards at the beginning. If one of the hands has 8 or 9 points, the third card is not dealt. If neither the player nor the banker reaches the number of points above, the game will check whether lower-priority conditions are met. According to the rules, the third card is dealt to:

  • The player if they have 0–5 points
  • The banker if they have 0–5 points and the player has 6 or 7
  • The banker if the player has varying values of the third card

The value of the banker's hand also matters in the last item

The total number of points is the sum of card values. Individual deck elements have the following values:

  • The number cards, except for the Tens, are worth their face value
  • The Ace adds one point
  • Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings score zero

Note that 10 points will be subtracted from any hand value which is higher than 10 points. The winner is the owner of the hand that scores closest to 9 points.

If you win the previous round, you can use two buttons. One is highlighted in green and says Rebet. This button will set the same bets as in the previous coup. The dealing process will then start right away.

The other button available after a round is New Bet. It is blue. Click it to return to the bet adjustment. The betting areas will be empty.

Payouts and additional features

Bets are paid with different multipliers. For example, you get twice your initial bet for the right guess on the Player betting option. You will get the same prize for the Banker bet, except that you will also be charged 5% of your bet value. Therefore, you will get 195% of your bet on the Banker betting area.

The Tie area has chips staked on a tie. The Tie pays 9:1 in case both the player and the banker have an equal number of points. There are no other bets in the Baccarat Professional Series game.

The peculiarity of the slot is that it is played with 8 52-card decks. The decks are reshuffled after each coup.

The round history is worth mention. It is displayed on the left of the screen. History is a table with two columns and a few rows. The left column shows the player's points, whereas the right one shows the banker's points. A maximum of 10 coups can be displayed in the left of the screen.

You can remove the dealing log by clicking X in the top right corner. You can also disable the history display in the settings. They are in the bottom left corner. To go to the settings, click the Spanner symbol. Besides the display of your track record, the settings let you adjust the sound and the dealing speed. Background music is divided into three categories. You can run the coups at 9 different speeds.

The Baccarat Professional Series slot is a NetEnt product that appeals to Baccarat lovers. You can deposit real cash to play this slot machine in the fully licensed and legal online casinos NeonSlots have selected for you.