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Bingo is a game of chance, a game of probabilities with its distinctive tombola used in the traditional game being substituted by a digital random number generator in online bingo games. It uses balls that are numbered either from 0 to 75 or 0 to 90 and are drawn at random. Players can choose the numbers on their bingo cards or allow the the online game to randomly select the numbers and if the numbers drawn match those on your playing card to form a pattern you will receive a payout. Learn more about online bingo, play for free and use special bonuses.

Play Bingo Online without Registering

It is possibile to play online bingo without having to register or pay a single penny. NeonSlots researchers have found that most online bingo websites do offer the chance to play for free whereas some offer the chance to play for free after the registration process is complete. All you need is either a smartphone, tablet or computer in order to access a vast range of free online bingo games, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, morning, noon and night all from the privacy of your own home, from the beach, the countryside, while waiting for an appointment, basically whenever and wherever you go. One of the greatest attractions to online bingo other than the actual gameplay is the warm, friendly atmosphere found within the online chat rooms while at the same time having that opportunity to win money on a level playing field to everyone else given that the game is a game of chance.

It is important to note, that gambling games are not a way of making money, rather, they are for entertainment, for fun, for making new friends and socializing, there are no sure fire methods or strategies for winning or gambling systems to recover all losses, but there are some small tricks that may occasionally tip the balance slightly. For example, when the online bingo website allows a player to use two bingo cards in the same game, this provides greater opportunity to win prizes, you can choose one of the many methods that exist on the internet for fun or just enjoy the thrill of the game without worrying too much about winning.

Bingo is not a difficult game to master, but does require concentration to find and mark the numbers displayed on your card when numbers are called, although as explained above, the autopay option does remove this difficulty entirely whenever a player wishes to focus on other matters such as talking to friends and acquaintances on the bingo online chat.

As mentioned in other articles on NeonSlots, bingo has not been greatly modified as a game since its inception, perhaps centuries have gone by without any great change in gameplay. Below, is a practical analysis of the basics the game which, in various guises, has been played and developed down the centuries and across the world. Some point to the orient as a possible birthplace of the now evolved current game, with Keno, a favourite among Chinese emperors, or ancient Rome where games were said top be played to decide which village should pay what taxes. We may never know for certain, but perhaps the truth is out there.

Rules of Bingo

NeonSlots has described the rules of bingo so that you can enjoy the variety of games available on the website. The aim of the game is to mark off all the randomly drawn numbers on your game card in a specific pattern such as a ‘line’, which entitles you to a prize. The game will then continue until a player marks off all the numbers on their card, at which point they can call ‘bingo’ which ends the game entitling the player to a prize. Read on to discover the top ten online bingo websites in the UK, how to register and make a deposit and what support is available. You can also play bitcoin bingo games online.

 There is most often a ‘How to Play’ section explaining the rules of the game which should include any variation on the rules of play which the reader might not be familiar with and it is always recommended that players become acquainted with the rules of each online bingo website to avoid any misunderstandings, particularly whilst playing for money.

Origins of Bingo

The origins of Bingo in the United Kingdom cannot be pinpointed with absolute certainty, although there are a number of popular stories of just how it came to these shores, from tales of Roman soldiers spreading a more rudimentary game throughout Europe, to the emergence of the Italian Lotto in the 1500s and its subsequent reporting in France in the 1700s before the game Beano was discovered in the USA in the 1900s and from there perhaps back again to Europe across the ocean, although there are reports of versions of the game in play in England in the 1920s.

Bingo for real Money

NeonSlots has reviewed and analysed online bingo websites, including the free to play games. They are entertaining and, should the customer so wish, social, and also provide numerous ways of winning cash and other prizes. Bingo is a game that can be played alone, with friends and with family or among new people.

In deciding which online bingo website to use, please feel free to read the reviews at NeonSlots where you may also gain access to the games directly and discover more about playing bingo and other casino games for real money.

Registration and Making a Deposit

In order to play online bingo, it is often a requirement to first register with the initial webpage, providing such details as first name, surname and date of birth. Personal information may also be displayed and edited. Once registration is complete it is possible to select a method of payment in order to make a deposit to the online bingo website. Numerous payment methods are available on most websites, including various forms of virtual or traditional physical debit, credit and payment cards such as Mastercard and Visa, as well as from digital e-Wallets including PayPal, Skrill, Entropay, Trustly, Neteller as well as Paysafecard.

Bonuses and Promotions

It is customary in the case of most online bingo websites to receive a welcome pack including bonuses with particular conditions which must be fulfilled in order to enjoy their benefit. NeonSlots have described the main bonuses and promotions that are available for playing bingo in online casinos. It is important to note that, these free bonuses generally amount to free to play options which allow customers to try out the games, however, money which is won from these plays may not, as per the terms and conditions of the free to play bonuses, be withdrawn unless a minimum deposit has been made to the online bingo website in order to play play for money games. For example, in one online bingo hall, it may be necessary to deposit 50 times the value of the free bonus play before money accumulated from that bonus play can be withdrawn. In this case, a 10 GBP free bonus requires a deposit of 500 GBP before money accumulated from that initial 10 GBP can be withdrawn. Fulfilling these types of conditions is generally referred to as a rollover.

Bonuses without a Deposit

Online bingo with free bonuses without deposits are sometimes used to provide new users the opportunity to try out their games and website. Online bingo websites typically provide a welcome pack of play for free games and bonuses to new clients when registering on their websites without the need for the player to put down any money or make a deposit to the website.

Once the player has used up all of the bonuses included in the welcome pack, there is often further opportunities to continue to play for free given that most bingo websites will allow further free plays.

Welcome Pack Bonuses

It may be said that the free online bingo welcome packs provided by various websites equate to money given freely by the online bingo halls for clients to try out their games and it is rarely the case that such a website does not offer these bonuses although they do vary from one site to another, for example the bonus could range from between £10 to £200 although there may be a set of terms and conditions applied to these bonuses. In recent times, many websites which offer the opportunity to play for free without deposit have begun offering £5 to £10 just for completing the registration process, though today the most frequent is £10 for free without deposit with which players can enjoy and try out the site’s games. The price of some cards can be as little as 2p and so £10 can sometimes go a very long way when a player merely wishes to play for free and possibly even win prizes or maybe lose all of the free bonus.


As opposed to promotions for sports bets, casinos and slot machines, online bingo promotions are the order of the day, given that new offers and promotions are being continuously developed and offered, which is why it might be best to frequently check various online bingo sites for their latest offers to avoid missing out on the greatest opportunities currently available for free plays and bonuses in order to make best use of the great opportunities to acquire prizes as well as just enjoying the game itself.

Customer Support

Very often, online bingo sites provide customer support allowing customers and potential customers to clarify the nature of the house’s rules, making deposits and withdrawals and how to make best use of the bonuses available be they from the welcome pack or subsequent bonuses following registration. You can also view the history of the played games so that you can study and analysise them, even the players used bingo cards may be viewed.

Bingo Halls and UK Gambling Regulation

The bingo game is available in some 400 bingo halls throughout the UK and available to play online from anywhere the player has access to a smartphone, tablet or computer and a WiFi connection, at any time of the day or night 365 days a year. Regulations and law in the UK protect both customers and online bingo halls alike protecting the integrity and trust between both. Online bingo is often advertized in the press and television with company's contracting household names to advertise their games from musicians to football players, all of which can be taken as a clear indication of the immense and increasing popularity of Bingo in the UK.

UK Bingo Halls are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and no fixed rules are determined for the game but in Great Britain the rules for playing bingo are largely the same and in any event available from each individual bingo hall. The Commission is responsible for compliance, licensing and carries out intermittent reviews and inspections of establishments in order to ensure that all of the bingo halls legal and licensing obligations are met.

Online bingo must comply with the same regulations as traditional land-based bingo halls, a fact which provides customers with a real sense of fairness.

Proprietors of bingo halls must ensure that their establishments are:

  • Compliant with the Gambling Act, 2005
  • Compliant with the License Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP)
  • Compliant with such technical standards as may be required

Read more about UK Gambling Business and Gaming Laws at NeonSlots.